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                               ISO 9001   AS 9100   ISO13485   ITAR

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Metal treatments

Metal treating, one more way that MPTD strives to provide better services for customers.


Heat Treating


Heat treating is used within the production process as a means of hardening the metal after cutting and grinding.  But it can also be utilized to harden the metals on tools and dies to make them durable and last longer.




Passivation is a chemical process that assists rust & corrosion prevention in metals.  This can be extremely useful for tools that are consistently exposed to elements or exposed to various chemicals.  Passivation is often used on stainless steels (400 series) and is used for cleaning 300 series parts. 


Polycrystalline diamond coating


No shop can afford the downtime of worn tools in need of repair.  But in high volume production facilities, machines are often worked to their limit.  Polycrystalline diamond coating applied to tools and dies provides superior resistance to wear and damage.  This diamond layer is not only hard but also has a low coefficient of friction.  Any tools which have become a maintenance headache and cause excessive downtime are excellent candidates for application of PCD.  It also features increased stability and durability at high temperatures of both working and machining.

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